9.5.0 ➝ Website Design Changed

Updated folders include (Timeline)

9.4.3 ➝ Homepage update

Updated folders include (Timeline)

9.4.2 ➝ New Folders Called (Xeeko / Fallen Angel / Sophie)

Updated folders include (Percy Voss / Timeline / Video Evidence)

9.4.1 ➝ Discord link fix

Updated folders include (Taz / MIST / MIST Video / Milo / Saint The Bee / Saint The Bee Video / Mama Greep Grop / Percy Voss / Motionless / Steamed Pumped K9 / SilverClawArrow / Stalkaz Video / Pachi Video / Underwolf Video / Milkywxy Video / Noa The Raven Video / Wolfhound Video / Sai Video / Aaron Video / Massacre Video / Pig415 Video / Shibaguttz)

9.4.0 ➝ Hompage update / Discord link fixed again / Added NEW videos describing a few suspects

 New Folders Called (Timeline / Video Evidence / Image Integrity)

Updated folders include (Ayeka / Kayotic / Fernona / Hall Of Shame / Dana Lamb / Cruce / Extra / Extra Videos / Cassius / Enigma Video Part 1 / Floofer Video / Beary Video / Fuji Video / ZCarlo Video / Erwin Video / Blanche / Peep / Lord Aberth / Forensics / Home Page)

9.3.5 ➝ Discord link fix

9.3.4 ➝ Updated folders include (Kinubaru)

Folders Removed (InfinityWolf)

9.3.3 ➝ Updated folders include (Kinubaru / SpaceCarrot)

9.3.2 ➝ The UNFINISHED and OUTDATED Image Integrity folder has been temporarily removed until I have TIME to finish it

New Folder Called (Peep)

Updated folders include (Kinubaru / SpaceCarrot / InfinityWolf)

9.3.1 ➝ New Folder Called (SpaceCarrot + InfinityWolf)

 Updated folders include (Kinubaru)

9.3.0 ➝ New BUTTONS / New Discord link

Updated folders include (Kinubaru)

9.2.9 ➝ Lag completely fixed

New Folder Called (Kinubaru)

Updated folders include (Cruce / All Folders / Stalkaz)

9.2.8 ➝ More lag fix

Updated folders include (Floofer, Fernona, all folders)

9.2.7 ➝ Icon bug fix

 New Folders Called (Feya)

 Updated folders include (Locke, Blanche, Kay/Peach, Guardian Fernona, Motionless/Reaper The Hyena, Pachi, Stalkaz, Dana lamb, Staff Abuse)

9.2.6 ➝ Updated folders include (Kay/Peach, Motionless/Reaper The Hyena)

9.2.5 ➝ Lag Fixes!!! (they take me some time)

New Folders Called (King)

Folders Removed (Kayzu)

9.2.4 ➝ Website Redesign Phase 3 / Lag Fixes

New Folders Called (Violet)

Updated folders include (Peaches, Mama Greep Grop)

9.2.3 ➝ Website Redesign Phase 2 / More Lag Fixes Coming

New Folders Called (Link Bear)

Updated folders include (Percy Voss, Cruce)

9.2.2 ➝ Updated folders include (Enzo)

9.2.1 ➝  New Folders Called (Pachi, Mama Spoon, Enzo)

Updated folders include (Verena/Kay, Ayeka/Ayuka)

9.2.0 ➝  Website Redesign / Lag Fixes

Updated folders include (Leader SilverClawArrow, Curator SteamPumpedK9, Peaches/Lizzy)

9.1.1 ➝  Updated folders include (Report)

Folder Removed (Cyrus/Apollo)

9.1.0 ➝  Website lag fix

Updated folders include (Hall of Shame, Motionless/Midnight Howler, FixingSaturn, Dove/Kay, Alex, Percy Voss, Leader Lord Aberth)

9.0.9 ➝ Updated folders include (Nellie, Hall of Shame, Kay/Ghost, Peaches, Taz, Curator Steam Pumped k9, Staff Extra, Calvin.2)

9.0.8 ➝ New folders called (MamiJelly)

9.0.7 ➝ Updated folders include (Peaches, Staff Extra, Leader SilverClawArrow)

9.0.6 ➝ Updated folders include (All Folders)

New face pictures

9.0.5 ➝ Updated folders include (FernonaMaiden/Zay Bruccalito, SOUP/Verena, Nellie/Ayeka)

9.0.4 ➝ Updated folders include (Hall of Shame, Locke, Staff Extra, Leader SilverClawArrow, Scrunkie)

9.0.2 ➝ Mobile phone compatibility / updated favicons for buttons / Updated reports contents and new timeline

9.0.1 ➝ New folders called (Leader Enigma, Massacre, Kora, Sunpan, Floof, Underwolf, Litho, chad a saurus, Cruce, Blitz the kreigsman protogen, yourmum, Lucian/Luka, Image Integrity, Sai, xstonerkiingx)

Updated folders include (All Folders)

Timeline linked between all users

 Upcoming 8.0.5 ➝ New folders called (FixingSaturn, Milkyway, Dana Lamb, Lovinglily0, Locke, ZCarlo)

Updated folders include (All Folders)

Folder removed (Fallen Angel)

Upcoming 8.0.4 ➝ New folders called (Blitz_k)

Updated folders include (Zofia - Peaches, Verena - Kay, Taz, MinaHaru, and Curator Steam Pumped k9)

8.0.3b ➝ New folders called (Hall of Shame)

Folder removed (Malice)

8.0.3a ➝ New folders called (Kayzu, Faces, Leader Lord Aberth, Leader Basil Borks, Leader SilverClawArrow, Leader Enigma, Curator Steam Pumped k9, and Curator Rayne)

Updated folders include (Peaches, Kay/Sushi, Motionless, Taz, Forensics, and Extra)

Folder removed (Staff Investigation)

8.0.2 ➝ Album of Evidence redesign - staff folder got over crowded

8.0.1 ➝ Website upgrade with better security and a chat support

7.0.2 ➝ Old Folders Deleted

7.0.1 ➝ Website overhall with new evidence folders called (Fallen Angel, Report, Disclaimer, Changelog, Accusations, and old Furry Amino)

Updates for folders (Kay, Peaches, Staff Investigation)