Amino apps is advertised and disclaimered as an anonymous social media application. Every account on this platform is made with the intent of anonymous privacy


All users here are being exposed on the platform Amino Apps within the blog ID tagged furry-amino


If you believe a folder is not accurate we are willing to communicate if given proof against the arguement


This is a massive collection database of photos either gathered by Sparier or the hundreds that have spoken out


This is not an attack or cyber harassment, this is an example of the undermoderated communities of Amino Apps


No accounts listed or exposed on this website have any connection to their real life user counterparts


Each party has willingly chosen to expose their information after agreeing to Amino Apps terms of privacy within this community if it were the case


Users will only be investigated within the bounds of "ID:furry-amino, ID:Fur Alley, ID:Furry275" communities on the Amino App OR where they spread their influence to post exposure to prevent more victims